“MTF Hosting – Media Technology Farming offers you power over the large broadcast networks.”

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MTF Media Manager

The MTF – Media Manager is a better way for you to keep track of your media files, media distribution systems, social media promotions and more.

Ultimately we want to help you with Automation and Live Assist Systems – Your ART!

The MTF Media Manager system was designed to save you time while keeping people engaged on your website site.    Made so that you can focus on pushing promotions instead of becoming exhausted at other efforts and technology issues and barriers.

How do you manage with the big boys when it is only you running the shows?

Answer: MTF Offers the following Media Creator Packages, AddOn’s & Web Tools:

  1.   Uplinks to the Server from your Home, Office, Remote Location for Broadcast.
  2.   Link to the Public Feed for Many People to Experience what you have to offer.
  3.   2nd and 3 Live Feeds, Multiple Cameras (Mics) and so on.
  4.   Link to your Partners:  Live365, Tune In, iTunes, Roku, Amazon.
    Play to any device:MAC, PC, iOS, Android, AmazonFireTV, AppleTV, Roku, XBOXResponsive Websites make mobile EASY!
    Add On, Responsive Website Templates already designed for Broadcasters:

    AddOn’s & Tools such as Hosting, Storage, FTP, HDDSpace, Publishing Points and Playlists, VMS, VPS, HTTP, RTSP, MMS, WebM, OGG, Apache, Windows, Ubuntu,   WordPress and Joomla CMS and much more…

We are stronger together that we are a part. So goes the MTFNOW Families of Networks.

The Farming COOPerative Farming Approach – Media Technology Farming…

All the URLS start piling up.  IP’s and URLs to keep track of, why not manage them all in one place.   Tech Farm – Why not throw in some hosting solutions, what about Branded Live Stream Uplinks so I can focus on my website and drive traffic to my website instead of shipping everyone to somewhere else…

Why be limited.   Why not have it all.

MTF Hosting serves the broadcaster online.

Why a Farm?