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“People are using search engines everyday, about every thing…”
“MTFNOW! manages connections with potential clients using SEO.”

“Media Tech Farm creates business relationships with Partner Networks – 100% on-line.”

“MTFNOW!’s Easy to use Dashboards can help you operate a business 100% on-line.”

Doug Watkins – MTFNOW!

Every site needs to be optimized in order have the optimal connection with the various search engine platforms – yahoo, bing, google, yelp, yp, startpage and the list goes on…   Your custom site needs to be search engine friendly.   

The MTFNOW! Solution:

Developing Key words a scientific approach to directly enhance your businesses and on-line presence – Moreover; how MTF employ’s a solution for your business.    MTFNOW! will provide development expertise to our clients for these purposes.

The tech farm supplies technologies like this to help your business grow.     We can help you realize the benefits of promoting on line.   

Work directly with our award winning staff of Tech Support Specialists Customizing Affordable Campaigns.
MTF Support

Science on the Farm – Media Technology Farm:
Because all the search engines are listing information about you individually – your site is unique; each has their own rules and regulations – Thus on the Tech Farm you will find our cooperative approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  as having hands on development.  Excellent for entrepreneurs.

Step 1.   Access – Supply Login Access – MTF Support will access your website and begin our work.

Step 2.   Tell us about the business model.    Provide Web page Link URL’s to landing pages, or allow us to create them for you.   

Landing Pages:
“When you advertise on line; people searching the internet will click a link you supply a “Call to Action”  >>

Where do you wish send folks?” “What links to promote?   This is a landing page.”

Step 3.  More Questions about your business and begin building a set of landing pages that correspond to your advertisement –  ads that link from the search page >> to a web URL.  (Landing Page)

Step 4.   Begin the cycle of refining the ad campaigns and more.   

Step 5.  Track Calls, Click Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Links to Landing Pages with Call to Action

COOP Partner Networks

Our method of bundling our services better helps you understand what you need to know to make better decisions.

Once you have been SEO’d then you are provided access to the MTFNOW! Partner Network.

At that point you will make more business choices and we can help you from concept to viral.

Metaphorically, SEO is an Octane Booster for your Harvester Engine making your business happen!    
“SEO is a Plow we use on the tech farm –  Crop-Share or a Land Owner use SEO as a plow that prepares your Land for Exponential Growth that will lead to a satisfying Harvest.”

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