INSTANT DRONE – World Class Security

World Class Security technology for your Local Controlled Security by INSTANT DRONE

Endless Are the Future Possibilities!   We are designing solutions specifically for large open land leases and the assets they hold.

Mission Controlled Drone Systems, Customized Hidden Cameras, Online Monitoring Dashboard, Uplink and 24/7 Support Options.

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We also provide the land owner the same security for his ranch house.    We are a single point of Technical Support and Onsite, Offsite.


  • Drone Hangar Enclosure – Deer Blind w/ Solar Charging.
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LAN/WAN and Satellite Internet Up-linking yet depends on availability.
  • High Resolution Camera, spot light, Remote Microphone, Audio Alerts, Playlists, Strobes, Horn

Drone Operations and Missions:

It’s not rocket science – it’s Drone Science.     The drones return home easily to perform even more security management tasks.

The System Launches a Series of Drone Missions when the appropriate trigger of activity is detected.    The System launches not only when an intruder arrives but other Missions can be designed, stored and called upon for your specific locale.

IPTV Live Camera Feeds provide more than traditional motion activated recordings.

Online Security Control Center will notify Security Controllers and law enforcement.   

The video/audio media will is available to law enforcement Real Time or Pre-Recorded via the Internet Security Control Dashboard. 

Some Drones can make multiple trips.   Multiple Drones Operating simultaneously by way of the Mission Control Systems Software.

The Drone will launch and return home to the Customized Hangar where the system can recharge, Upload Media,  Sync and Clear Media Storage.

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