I guarantee the hackers are coming for you – it is just a matter of time

I guarantee they (the hackers) are coming for you – it is just a matter of time
by Doug Watkins

This is for WebSites hosted on a shared servers; meaning the IP address of the server is shared between other sites and hosting occurs on that same large scale dns name server where the email server as well as a www and SSL secure web server operate (actually called a cluster) – such as http://servername.webserver.com

Also if your server is running on a mid sized or larger Hostgator, Bluehost Provider Networks all over the USA you are affected.

MTFNOW! – My Tech Farm is a shared host reseller we are compatible resellers with the Hostgator, Bluehost Provider Networks.

You can no longer afford to be on a hosting plan without SSL and Security measures. Premium Hosting will insure that you protect your site from malicious intrusion, lower the possibility of security issues.

Maybe you have seen stories in the news about web site virus threats also malware and the State of US Internet Hosted Businesses. Within the past few years nearly ALL major mainstream shared hosts have urged owners to purchase SSL certificates for their server to provide a secure sessions.

Furthermore Google is no longer listing websites that do not have a SSL certificates. So there are BIG changes that are here now. Last year all websites that do business with anyone that has primary residence in Europe have to comply with adding code to websites were affected. This cost tens to 100’s of hours for each website depending on the size and influence of the affected site.

When your web site is on the the same host as an unsecure system that is now a BAD DEAL to your success if you do not have SSL.

Tech Farm Offers a simple Shared Host with 100% SSL. for this $749 per year for SSL VPS Hosting – $62 dollars per month, with a $99 Up Front SSL Certificate for a single domain – First and Last Month act as the down payment and setup.


Tech Farm Shared hosting with Support and 100% SSL $49.95 Per month or $480 per year with premium SSL and Virus Scans and Malware Support with Backup Restoration Services.

AnySite Host w/ Site Transfer

We realize it is a higher price than some and a lower price than others, either way this has cut down on hacks and malware and we have personalized premium support services.  Websites that did not purchase SSL are actually hurting the others that are more secure when they are all on a shared server. Non SSL Shared hosts Avg. from 114 to 250 per year.

Over the past several months everyone in computer IT, Hosting & Support, small site owners have experienced some level of the dramatic increases in virus and spam malware related bad actors working to infect wordpress websites and Apache Servers, creating lots of backup and restore upgrade activity and issues.

I guarantee they (the hackers) are coming for you – it is just a matter of time. You are probably seeing the effects already.

You can no longer afford to be on a hosting plan without SSL and Security measures.   Therefore we are changing “My Tech Farm” popular reseller packages to no longer offer shared hosts without SSL to clients.

I hope this helps get you starting to think about what you want to do with your website business.

Issues and resolutions:

MTFNOW! Support        http://mtfnow.com/support-systems/

As of Today – My Tech Farm will begin to direct (recommend) Clients to more secure hosting accounts that are more tightly controlled enterprise network environments.

You can choose to stay where you are currently hosting but you will need (must have) SSL in the future.

Let MTFNOW! know if we can help make selections and correct hosting components needed/required, upgrade your site security, forward configure; plan ahead and ask to get “My Tech Farm” involved in your domain name move or upgrade.

Stay ahead of the hackers and other rules and regulations already affecting us all.

MTFNOW! Newly designed Personal Support Based Web Hosting System with Expert Development Capabilities. Offering Personal Services, On Demand Support, Responsive and ProActive Support Services.
MTFNOW! Techs offer many years of expert experience in Joomla and WordPress Website hosting as well as expert knowledge of Streaming Media Hosting Content Delivery.

My Tech Farm also specializes in:

* Google & Bing Search Advertising and Analytics
* Restore/Rebuild Sites that get hacked or deleted.
* Migrations and Complex Website Moving.
* Making websites mobile/smart phone compatible using responsive designs.
* Search Engine Optimization and Best Practice Landing Page Architecture
* Hard to Repair Web Technologies; when the developer disappears and nobody seems to know how to access, repair or modify the system.

Thank you greatly for your business!

Doug Watkins

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At this time Tech Farm can no longer guarantee that your site might be hacked or compromised and if it cleaned, there is no way to prevent the site from being hacked again right after it is restored.

Until your site is moved to a 100% SSL Shared Host and even then if you are a target – these issues can affect the future of your domain name.

MTFNOW! will no longer allow NON – SSL http only sites as clients.

In Addition Tech Farm offers Shared 100% SSL Hosting for AnySite Packages, MTFNOW HCDN (Hybris Content Delivery) VPS Bundles and Dedicated Server Bundles that are physically located in Dallas and Austin – Virtual Private Servers – Dedicated Static IP address with VPS, Pre-Installed Services running.

Along with of cPanel/WHM we offer our own designated flavors of Online Control Panel & Dashboard Software we pre-installed on each system for you.

Hosts using DIY Server systems as offered by cPanel/WHM Hosting Providers Yet All cPanel/WHMs are 100% SSL.

See for yourself the online warfare below:   Live and Real Time!

Threat Map

Threat Map

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